Letters of invitation have been sent out to 28 churches on the eastside of Tucson and communications are continuing. We are pleased with the progress in that 3 months have been booked. That leaves 9 months available. I would like to lock in the schedule by the beginning of the second quarter. Please add this to your prayer list.

In HIS service and at yours,
Barney Hilton Murray


The activities of the fellowship are directed and implemented to prepare men's ministries to be self-supporting and self reliant while growing members of the congregation spiritually. The fellowship is developing additional service programs that will support the ministries and churches, and the spreading of the gospel. The fellowship remains committed to kingdom growth and promotes an atmosphere in the churches that would attract all who believe that Christ is their savior.

The intent of the Tucson Christian Menís Fellowship is to provide assistance and leadership to a geographically large service area, to utilize technology and the internet to connect our congregations and to facilitate the sharing of ideas, and other information. The fellowship management system is designed to ensure the delivery of assistance, programs, and services that meet the needs of our area Churches, other Christian Organizations, and the community. For its members, the fellowship maintains collaboration with Christian Churches, other Christian organizations, and the community. The fellowship also utilizes the skills of its staff to partnership, network, and assistance programs.

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Equipping Men for Servant Leadership at Home, Church and Community

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